A’ Design Award: Top 20 Winners From Past Years

Top 20 Winners

We’ve been longstanding supporters of the A’Design Awards and Competition, the annual international award show celebrating and showcasing the most exciting new creations from top designers, architects and design-focused companies worldwide. The show’s entries are anonymously judged by a jury of internationally renowned creative professionals, academics and press members, ensuring the judging process is both critical and fair. Winners receive a host of benefits, from press and recognition to prizes and an invitation to attend the A’Design Award gala night in Italy.

The 2017 award show’s number of winners totalled 1958, from 98 countries and across 97 design disciplines. The full catalogue of winners also serves as a goldmine for creative idea generation across all genres. From packaging design, advertising, marketing and communication design to photography and photo manipulation design, graphics, interior space and exhibition design, the award has a category relevant to every individual and organization working in the industry.

In honor of the numerous talented winners from the past few years, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorites to bring you a dose of aesthetic inspiration — and a reminder to enter next year’s award show. The call for entries is now open. Find out everything you need to know about submitting your design — from deadlines to presentation guidelines and judging criteria — here, and register to enter. Get inspired by our selection below, and good luck!

Hubertus Hotel by noa* network of architecture

Catino Bathroom Collection by Emanuele Pangrazi

Budapest M4 Metro Stations by Palatium Studio Ltd.

Manshausen Hospitality Sport Hotel Wellness/Spa by Snorre Stinessen

Blanco Ikon Kitchen Sink by Lori Dolnick

Artificial Topography Art Installation by Ryumei Fujiki + Yukiko Sato

Black DNA Residential House by Shin-Yuan Fang

Dark Side Recessed Lighting Fixture by Igor Lobanov

Mop House Private Residence by AGi architects

Memobottle by Jesse Leeworthy

Gamsei Cocktail Bar by Buero Wagner / F. Wagner with A. Kreft

Banco Kitchen table by LA AGENCIA

Madeira Residence by Rado Iliev

Dotdotdot.Frame by Leonid Davydov

Loyly Public Sauna and Restaurant by Avanto Architects Ltd.

Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang Lodge by Nie Jianping

Stocker Chair Chair Stool by FREUDWERK, Matthias Scherzinger

Pebble Bagasse Collection Plate and Bowl by Simi Gauba

Perkins Side and Coffee Tables by Diario

Church Conversion ID Residential House by Gianna Camilotti

– In collaboration with A’ Design Award & Competition

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