Yoann Bourgeois-Cavale

A Minimal Circus Act Directed By Yoann Bourgeois


Did you hear the one about two men, a set of stairs and a trampoline?

Appearing on a white stage on a hilltop at the Bastille in Paris, these components can be seen in a performance directed by actor, dancer and acrobat Yoann Bourgeois. ‘Cavale’ presents a refined, minimal circus act that reveals itself as a play with repetitive, dizzying movements and vertigo. The video clip portrays two men repeatedly walking up stairs, pausing to observe the landscape in front of them from the top, before falling back onto a trampoline and again returning the stairs. The cycle recurs, and at no point can the viewer truly see the scenic surroundings, instead focusing on the rise and fall of the performers in their black suits, reminiscent of figures in a Magritte painting.


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