Sam Cannon`s Moving Art


New York based Motion Artist Sam Cannon specializes in creating surreal and experimental animated GIF images. Her interest in GIF animation started during her time at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where Cannon studied both photography and videography, although neither medium really appealed to her. “I liked the space between still and moving images and trying to explore that space which is why I got into GIFs.” Her personal work focuses on the manipulation of time, space, and the human form, altering its shape and adding elements to create experimental imagery. Living somewhere between still photography and video, her images explore the way we interact with never-ending moments in a 15 second clip. It takes a serious amount of work to create these unique GIFs, while a basic looping GIF can be produced more simply. Cannon’s heavily edited images require lots of attention to craft. This dreamlike and mesmerizing state can only be reached by editing and retouching every single frame of animation.

All images © Sam Cannon

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