Germans Ermics’ Ombré chairs

Ombré Glass Chair
Jussi Puikkonen

Designed by Latvian designer Germans Ermics, this colourful glass chair is based on a seat from 1976 of Japanese product designer Shiro Kuramata. This chair was meant to give the appearance of floating in air and was actually inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Named Ombré chairs, a collection of this unique furniture was shown at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Milan design week, assembled from panes of glass and joined together without screws or other visible fittings. Inspired by the minimal design, Ermics created his Ombré chair from panes of colored glass. By choosing simple geometric shapes, the designer plays with different colors in various shades. Through the use of color applied via an innovative process of pigmentation, Ermics is able to create beautiful and simple pieces of high-quality design. Additional to the chairs, the Ombré collection features a pair of curved glass screens. A taller version is made from clashing gradients of pink, orange, blue and green, while a smaller screen dyed with pastel pink that fades into orange. The flexibility of the technique allows the designer to create customized pieces of most diverse colors and sizes.

All images © Jussi Puikkonen

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