Everyday Objects Come To Life


British visual artist and set designer Nicola Yeoman creates temporary installations presenting scrapped commonplace objects in exceptional locations. The precise light design and the composition of her art works give the viewer an impression of three-dimensionality and flatness at the same time. Experimenting with perspective, light and shadows is characteristic of Yeoman’s art.

Her installation series “Scrapbook Circles“ consists of different short-term installations inside an abandoned industrial building. Every art piece consists of objects arranged in the shape of a circle. All the circles include many items but every circle contains the same type of object: hats, shirts or bird shapes among other things.

The artist’s way of arranging the circles breathes life into the originally lifeless objects. Only the display enables the light, smoke and shadow interplay to create a poetic, nearly surreal impact on the viewer. Like much of her other work “Scrapbook Circles“ plays with perspective. At first, watched from a distance, the art pieces appear to be circles but as the viewer comes closer the form dissipates, reaching an inspired quality. It plays on the observer’s sensitivity while generating an optical illusion. Each installation offers an implied narrative but what is real and what is illusionary remains untold.

All images © Nicola Yeoman

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