Persol Calligrapher Edition


Eyewear brand Persol cooperated with Antonio Scribe, one of the most talented calligraphers of his day, to create the “Calligrapher Edition“. Behind this edition is the idea of combining traditional handcraft with modern design and elegance. As a result they produced a range of unisex opticals and sunglasses with highest demands for quality and design.

Between modern calligraphy and Persol’s eyewear there is a deep relation because both demonstrate a modern interpretation of established techniques. Taking tradition as a basis to create innovation was the inspiration for this collection of glasses. Vintage stylized acetate was combined with a metal eyeglass frame decorated with delicate engravings and special details. Just like calligraphic letters are both practical instruments and artistic expressions, Persol’s Meflecto system is reinvented to take on a new aesthetic twist.

During the editorial photoshoot iGNANT had the chance of an insight look at Scribe’s work for Persol’s “Calligrapher Edition“. Calligraphy is based on an ancient tradition at the intersection between art and craft. However, Scribe’s curiosity and his eagerness to experiment transfers calligraphy into the modern era. He himself coined Persol’s slogan: “Line flows in the arc of life“.

All images © Clemens Poloczek, created exclusively for iGNANT.
Producer: Clara Renner
Model: Krista
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