Seanomads By Creative Collective Eldorado


This short film is about a crew seatrekking the coastline of Tenerife by snorkeling and free-diving. Hitting the ground only to eat and to rest, the adventurers travel below the water surface and spend their nights ashore under the stars. “The opening of the clouds is breathtaking. We look down to where we just came from: a bold path lies there and connects mountains to the sea.”

The breathtaking film is the newest in a series of crafted editorials about natural adventures from Eldorado, a creative collective of filmmakers, designers and storytellers. The stories Eldorado tells always record all aspects of a journey. Not only legendary moments, but the unforeseen and the sad ones, too. The combination of tasty aesthetics and compelling storytelling is what make their films haunting.


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Executive Producers: Guille Cascante, Albert Folch, Rafa Martínez
Editor in chief: Vincenzo Angileri
Idea & directing: Martina Schlüter
Camera: Cedric Schanze
Editor: Arturo Bastón
Music: In the swamp by Acronym (Courtesy of the artist)
Supported by: Bernhard Wache and ÁETEM
Seatrekker: Björn Brand

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