The Durimel Twins


“Born in Paris, living in Los Angeles” – the short tagline of Jalan and Jibril Durimel sort of explains the very unique aesthetics of the twenty-something twins. Their passion is fashion and photography and they express their style on their blog“We love colors but we’ve refrained from really bright ones recently (…).” The brothers say. “We love comfortable large fits. Inspired by the Japanese but we were taught by the French.“ Btw, you can see the guys in front of cameras, too, modelling for American Apparel or the japanese menswear magazine Popeye.

All images © Durimel
photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_06photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_07photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_02photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_05photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_03photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_04photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_01photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_08photography_durimel_jalan_ Jibril_09
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