An Old Mill Turned Into A Modern Home


Architecture practice Architekten am Weberberg transformed an old wooden mill from 1290 into a sleek modern home with an expansive glass highlight. Based in the southern German town of Biberach, the studio is run by Inge Zalenga and Leopold Humm and the building, which was once used as a corn mill, is located just out off the city center. After standing empty for many years, the structure was renovated with the history of the building in mind, though the architects added a modern touch with dark grey fiber and timber cladding. The new design of the 600-sqm-house features two apartments, an office space, a carpenter’s workshop as well as a swimming pool.

Additonally, the waterwheel of the old mill was put into good use to provide energy for the building. In a statement about the renovation, the architects say: “The energy concept was a key element from the very beginning. Existing water rights were chosen to be used for power generation. For ecological and aesthetic reasons the decision was made to use an overshot waterwheel. The concept is that the self-generated power is operating a heat-pump that supplies the entire house – including the swimming pool – with hot water, and also heating the house via a floor heating.”

All images © Laura Zalenga

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