A Gluten-Free Museum Of Iconic Artworks By Arthur Coulet


French graphic designer Arthur Coulet pairs iconic artworks with their gluten-free counterparts in a humorous way on his Tumblr titled ‘Gluten Free Museum‘. By manipulating photos, Coulet reveals bland parallel scenes without gluten, a protein that is contained in wheat and other grain products. Whether it’s a hay bale missing in a painting by Vincent Van Gogh or the main substance in a cake portrait by Jeff Koons, the project seems to target the latest hype around gluten-free diets.

Vincent Van Gogh

Johannes Vermeer

Édouard Manet

Pieter Brueghel

Salvador Dalí

Jeff Koons

Walt Disney

Anna Ancher

Grant Wood

Paul Cézanne

Wayne Thiebaud

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

All images © Arthur Coulet

glutenfreemuseum_Vincent Van Goghglutenfreemuseum_JohannesVermeerglutenfreemuseum_Edouard Manetglutenfreemuseum_Pieter Brueghelglutenfreemuseum_Salvador Daliglutenfreemuseum_Jeff Koonsglutenfreemuseum_Disneyglutenfreemuseum_Anna Ancherglutenfreemuseum_Grant Woodglutenfreemuseum_Paul Cezanneglutenfreemuseum_Wayne Thiebautglutenfreemuseum_Giuseppe Alchibodo
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