Serene Photos Of Bangladesh By Farhad Rahman


In the ongoing series ‘Song of a coast’, Bangladesh-based photographer Farhad Rahman captures the changes of the 580-kilometer coastal area beside the Bay of Bengal. The imagery, which consists of pastel tones and bare landscapes, documents how the effects of global warming influence the nature and daily activities of the people living there, such as fishing and farming. In a statement about his work, Rahman says his “photographs project the relation between life and space as it is in home and abroad: a positive portrait of rural to urban life, space and the nature within his reach.”

All images © Farhad Rahman

Farhad Rahman_Photography_1Farhad Rahman_Photography_2Farhad Rahman_Photography_3Farhad Rahman_Photography_4Farhad Rahman_Photography_5Farhad Rahman_Photography_6Farhad Rahman_Photography_7Farhad Rahman_Photography_8Farhad Rahman_Photography_9Farhad Rahman_Photography_10Farhad Rahman_Photography_11
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