A Spiralling Ribbon Chapel By Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co.


Japanese architect studio Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP Co. designed a romantic spiralling ribbon chapel with picturesque views of the ocean and islands. The minimalist wedding chapel is over 10 meters high and surrounded by trees. In a statement about the project, the architects say: “The chapel is configured as a double spiral formed by two stairways. Starting from different locations, the stairways slowly spiral upward to become one—a device symbolic of the bride and groom’s path of marriage and formal union as one.”

All images © Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc

Ribbon Building_Architecture_0Ribbon Building_Architecture_1Ribbon Building_Architecture_2Ribbon Building_Architecture_2.5Ribbon Building_Architecture_4Ribbon Building_Architecture_5Ribbon Building_Architecture_6Ribbon Building_Architecture_8Ribbon Building_Architecture_Plan 2Ribbon Building_Architecture_Plan
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