Solids – a series of photographs by Magdalena Kacikowska & Maciek Zych


Magdalena Kacikowska and Maciek Zych created the series ‘Solids’ for the eco friendly fashion label NENUKKO. The photographers integrated the clothes into polyhedrons, also known as Platonic solids. Those mainly known to mathematicians and philosophers three-dimensional figures must meet strict conditions, so their quantity is limited. Plato discovered and described four of them: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron and icosahedron. The fifth supplementary item ‘dodecahedron’ was discovered by his student Teajtetos. These precise structures built and placed in the open air seem fragile, light and create a tension between them and their environment.

All images © Magdalena Kacikowska & Maciek Zych

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