See Do-Ho Suh’s Fabric Houses In A Mesmerizing Short Film

New York City-based Korean artist Do-Ho Suh created a full-size model of his apartment, meticulously sewn together using a fragile, translucent fabric. Every detail from the pipes in the bathroom to the shape of the air vents, is eerily perfect.

The model apartment was part of the Korean artist’s Japanese show called ‘Perfect Home’, which is the subject of this recent video directed by filmmaker Nils Clauss. The show included some of Suh’s most famous pieces, the aforementioned New York City apartment and ‘Fallen Star 1/5,’ a painstakingly detailed miniature recreation of his college house in Rhode Island. As well as ‘Seoul Home,’ a copy of a copy of a 19th-century home made for a Korean emperor. The piece hangs in free air, symbolizing Suh’s alienation from his homeland. Along with the rest of his ghostly creations, this conveys an unsettling thought: the spaces we live in are not as solid as they seem.

Via: Factodesign