National What Day?

We teamed up with one of our favourite illustrators, Thoka Maer who inspires us and makes us smile with her unique GIFs since we discovered her series It’s no biggie back in 2011. Recently we were lucky enough to meet her in NYC where she told us about her latest project called National What Day? that celebrates the American culture with custom made GIF and non-GIF illustrations which are inspired by their national ‘holidays’.

We’re excited to announce that she’ll from now on share outtakes of the project along with some words in her very own column called ‘Thoka Maer’chen’ (stems from the German word ‘Märchen’ for fairytale). Without further ado we’d like to hand over to the artist herself. Enjoy! You can always visit her Tumblr for more.

Where only a very few enjoy hanging out…
Today is National Hanging Out Day

NY puts the decoration out for Earth Day!
My Earth Day is without a green and blue sphere, because of what I see of the earth is mostly fairly limited. Right now, I’m living in NY and this is what I see every day. Plastic bags in their natural habitat, where they’re decorating trees, have a swim in the river or frolicing around in the parks and on streets. I’m as sad as this bag about this.

Today is National Kindergarten and National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day but I don’t care. Because, today is also my mom’s birthday which is apparently far more important than the above mentioned.
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mutti!

National Day of Silence….

Today is East Meets West Day!
Might not really be an American National Day but as a German who was born in the former German Democratic Republic who now lives in New York, making a GIF for this day was kinda mandatory.

All images © Thoka Maer