Sunday Workout Plan

Although we love being lazy on our Sundays, we also enjoy a nice and healthy workout that gets our systems up and going. Sitting behind our laptops pretty much all week, it feels good to go outside, get some fresh air and make our bodies move. And once you have your routine, you’ll not want to miss it ever again.

For the following feature we teamed up with adidas to test their Ultra Boost running shoe. It’s pretty much the perfect fit also for the current chilly temperatures, since it features a cold-resistant foam in the midsole. It’s really lightweight but still supportive enough to give your feet a good and safe feel. We did a quick warm up, before we actually went running to put ultra boost to the acid test.


Before starting with our training, we do a quick warm up to make sure to get blood pumping in our arms, legs, and core muscles to prepare you for a full workout.



We’re ready to start our exercises. Today we’re doing something for our arms, and legs. We also did some sit-ups although not pictured. Make sure not to burn off too much energy but you should still feel like it’s exhausting.



Time to run. After you finished the exercises you can start with your run. If you’re not very experienced yet, make sure you don’t overdo. You can start slowly, as long as you’re getting physically active on a regular basis, your body will be able to handle the recurring pavement pounding. After your system is up and going, you’ll start to go with the flow and switch off all the thoughts that are bugging you in day-to-day life.



Cool down and stretch out. Gently work your muscles after your sprints to reduce cramping and shin splints. Do light versions of the exercises you did to warm up in addition to stretching and get some liquids.

In collaboration with Adidas

Cinemagraphs by iGNANT