A Short Getaway to Barcelona

We’re tired of cold temperatures and bulky winter jackets and we’d just wish for a few more degrees outside and a break from the every grey views on Berlin’s streets. So it’s actually quite the perfect time to get out of the city and go on a little trip to sunnier climes.We pack our bags for the perfect Sunday Pleasure: A short getaway to Barcelona together with EasyJet. Sun, beaches and palm trees, here we come!

Below you’ll find our personal hot spots that you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the town for a day. Please feel invited to share your own favourites in the comments below. If you’ve been to Barcelona before, you could also pick Lisbon, Venice or Rome for your daytrip. Enjoy and Bon Voyage.


We can’t wait to feel the sunbeams on our skin, taste the salty sea breeze and see the palm trees swaying in the wind. Our bodies are craving for some sunlight and a break from winter. We pack a few essentials for our short trip and we’re off!



We never get tired of being above the clouds, where it’s almost a little too bright for our eyes and the world looks like a tiny scale model with the ships moving on this blue carpet that is the sea and the cars crawling on that grey band winding in the fields. Feels like freedom and adventure. Yes, we are excited!



Arriving in Barcelona our tummies are calling for some food and we head towards the perfect breakfast spot, Bar Lobo close to Las Ramblas where you get a variety of fresh and delicious breakfasts. Throughout the day the place also offers light bites and tapas to keep your stomach satisfied, later they start serving fresh Japanese and Mediterranean food along with drinks and cocktails.

Bar Lobo
Pintor Fortuny 3, 8001 Barcelona



Only 3 min by foot away is our next stop, the local market called La Boqueria, where you can pick up some fresh fruit and snacks for the day. The first mention of the Boqueria market dates back to 1217, when tables were installed near the old door of the city to sell meat. Today it offers an incredible contrast between colours and activity, ideal to discover why Mediterranean cuisine is internationally known due to its ingredients.

La Boqueria
Rambla, 91 8001 Barcelona



We can’t wait much longer and head towards the beach to take our shoes of, feel the sand between our toes, dip our feet into the sea, and fill our lungs with a salty breeze. Feels so great to take a walk along the beach and just enjoy and relax in the sun.



The walk and the sea air made us hungry and we head back to the city to get some burgers. If you’re picky about how you like your burger, Oval is great as you can order your burger to preference. An easy checklist presents options to choose from, ranging from different types of meat to a variety of sauces caramelized onions, mushrooms, pineapple, avocado and more.

Carrer de València, 199, 08011 Barcelona



Not quite a secret spot but still on our top list as it’s just the perfect place to get an amazing view over the city while enjoying some really vintage rides and attractions. Tibidabo is also home to the Sacred Heart Church which is you can see perched on the hill-top from all around the city. Well worth the uphill journey if you are looking for unbeatable views of Barcelona.

Tibidabo Funfair
08035 Barcelona



If you’re into books like us, check out the Mercat de Sant Antoni which offers second-hand books and stamps for collectors on Sundays. It’s a beautiful spot that retains the architecture, vibrancy and charm of its origins while you can find some real treasures with beautiful old covers or vintage illustrations inside.

If you’re not coming on a Sunday, you can also check out Loring Art, an art book shop where you’ll find the latest publications and also some rare editions that are hard to find elsewhere.

Mercat de Sant Antoni
Carrer Comte d’Urgell, 1bis, 08011 Barcelona



We’re a bit sad when we realize that our time is almost up and we have to leave beautiful Barcelona soon but we’re bringing home a sack full of sun, colors and great experiences and we’re definitely going to visit Spain again, maybe Madrid next time?! ¡Hasta la próxima!

In cooperation with EasyJet


Photography Ana Santl, Model Paulina Metzscher, Text Caroline Kurze