Insta Fav #100: Oliver Astrologo

Today we celebrate our hundredth Insta Fav and since we received so many great submissions of Instagram accounts via our comment field in the last couple of weeks, we decided to give you a chance to actively promote your own account to become a future Insta Fav!

Every Thursday we’ll announce a certain topic via a hashtag, afterwards you’ll have 4 days to make a photo working with that topic and upload it to your Instagram using the hashtag. Who shot the best image will be featured as our Insta Fav in the following week. Our very first topic is #ignt_mirror and here are a few rules and tips:

– The goal this week is to take a creative photo using a mirror or working with reflection.
– Please only submit photos taken as from today and only submit your own photographs to the project. Any image taken then tagged until Monday is eligible to be featured right here.
– If you want to submit your photo, use the hashtag #ignt_mirror and upload your photo until Sunday the 15.02 on your Instagram account.

Have fun and good luck, we can’t wait to see your submissions.

Our today’s Insta Favs, is Oliver Astrologo from Rom who enjoys creating stories and reveal secret places with his photography.

Follow: @oliverhl

Where are you from? How does that place influence the way you photograph?
I am from Rome (born and bred)… a city of a thousand faces and laden with millennia of history. Despite being one of the most photographed places on earth it still has many secrets left to discover. This is what drives my photography: revealing the locations and stories of the city that are still unknown.

What are your favorite environments to shoot in?
I am drawn to abandoned places. I aim to retell their story in an original way by inserting elements that are out of context.

Who and what are the things that inspire you?
Individual people above all. In all my photos I aim to have a human element. Wherever possible I try to find people with an interesting story to tell and look to recreate it via the photo.

What are the strengths of shooting primarily mobile? How does this affect your imagery?
Smartphone cameras are continually getting better and, unlike a professional SLR, are always by your side, allowing you to take photos on the fly in moments you’d least expect. Some of my best photos were taken in unplanned situations. Instagram’s square format has also influenced my way of taken photos. Even when taking pictures with a reflex camera I visualize with this format in mind.

Favorite instagrammers?
Italians: @alessioalbi, @mighele_, @valeria_dovidio, @databhi
International: @nunoassis and more recently @gess8, @kitato and some that I recently discovered through Ignant: @mentaylunares, @pedrosamcastro

Tell us a little about your everyday.
During the week I am Digital Director at Studio Hangloose, a creative agency in Rome. During the weekends I become a photographer and embark on various photographic outings. For me its a good excuse to organize excursions and, whenever possible, trips abroad.

Which Apps do you use to edit your pictures?