House Riihi by OOPEAA


House Riihi by OOPEAA is composed of spaces to live in accompanied with spaces for hobbies and a studio to serve as an atelier.

The house blends in with the surrounding landscape through its shape and materials. Being a low energy building, the L-shaped house is made of wood in its exterior, interior and frame, with large pitched roofs clad in aluminum. The interiors are arranged according to three different functions into areas with each their own atmosphere. The garage and hobby space is very simple and has a sense of anonymity to its interior surfaces. The atelier has very high ceilings and its wooden surfaces, even floors, are painted white in order to make the light as even as possible. The interiors in the house, furnished and cladded in radially sawn spruce, provide a warm and cozy atmosphere.

All images © Jussi Tiainen

House Riihi_01House Riihi_02House Riihi_03House Riihi_04House Riihi_05House Riihi_06House Riihi_07House Riihi_08House Riihi_09House Riihi_10House Riihi_11
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