Candy-colored photography by Phebe Schmidt


With her bright and poppy works, Phebe Schmidt is challenging our perception of images and beauty. The Melbourne-based photographer captures tightly constructed, hyper real compositions, that use their pastel-colored surface as a mean to hide reality, to cover subversive undertones underneath a layer of expertly rendered perfection.

Her pictures show a homogenized, generic beauty that is exaggeratedly conform to our society’s standards and hides all the little flaws and unique characteristics humans beings have to offer. Her models seem to be neither living nor dead – existing in a place where the borders between animate and inanimate objects are blurred. Phebe aims to make the viewers uncomfortable and reflect on these missing deflects by combining disgust and desire, repulsiveness and sensuality in one picture.

Phebe Schmidt’s exciting visuals already caught the eye oft he fashion world. While continuing to work on her own projects, she collaborates with well-known magazines like i-D and Dazed and fashion designers like Per-Tim and sock brand Odd Pears.

All images © Phebe Schmidt

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