Forest House By Atelier St

Forest House

In the middle of the forest, near a crystal clear lake there is a new wooden house designed by atelier st. Originally a simple wooden summer house from 1926 stood on this property in the southern area of city of Berlin.

The dwelling was built as a complete wooden structure. The interior is lined with white painted pinewood sheathing at all sides. The building’s large west-facing alcove makes it possible to have a protected and a slightly elevated place to sit whilst being surrounded by nature even during inclement weather. The beauty of the area can also be enjoyed from the interior- through the wide bay window which stretches the whole length of the façade giving a peaceful view of the forest.

All images © Werner Huthmacher

Forest_House_atelier_st_01Forest_House_atelier_st_02Forest_House_atelier_st_03Forest_House_atelier_st_04aWH1152WH1152WH1152Waldhaus im Kiefernwald
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