The House as a Metaphor


‘The House as a Metaphor’, is a series of conceptual-art sculptures by american artist Michael Jantzen that incorporates a simple symbolic shape of a house in each of the pieces. As he says: ‘In some cases the title of the piece is very directly related to its finale form, and in others, the title and the form are more abstractly connected.

In every case, the intention was to play with the image of the house, and have some fun with it’. Most of his works merge art, architecture, technology, engineering and sustainable design into one unique experience. With his work he tries to reinvent the built environment in order to extend the reach of consciousness.

‘Dream House’

‘Rocking House’

‘House with Orbiting Doorway’

‘House With One Rotating Piece’

‘House in the Clouds’

‘Shadow House’

‘House of the Lord’

‘House with Four Exiting Piglets’

‘House Flipper’

‘Heads of the House’

All images © Michael Jantzen | Via: Junkculture