Flickr Friday


Sometimes we seem to grope our way through the fog, we can not see clearly, we close our eyes to reality, hoping for it to change and be all different, when we open them again. We stare into the distance, curious what might be ahead of us, take a short glance back over our shoulder and keep walking. We make decisions to progress, everyday, every hour. But how to take ‘the right’ decisions?

Or are we all walking on the tightrope anyway, trying to manage the juggling act between wrong and right? If that is the truth I wanna have close friends with me, who are walking somehow on the same rope and tell me: Hey! Get on your bike, we keep going.

Image © Julie Lansom

Image © Elisa Magnini

Image © Aglaya Vladimirova

Image © Helen Korpak

Image © Eleanor Rak

Image © Sabino Aguad

Image © Tyler Pack

Image © Tony Katai

julie.lansomElisa MagniniaglayavladimirovaHelen Korpakeleanor raskSabino .Tyler PackTONY KATAI
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