Jacqueline Bradley


Jacqueline Bradley’s work can be best described as dreamy, innocent, yet quirky, playful and humorous. She mainly works with household objects and creates small, in themselves coherent objects that seem to have sprung from another world. Bradley redefines objects in their own environment alienates them from time to time, without dissolving the objects origin completely.

With an insatiable curiosity and fascination of the Australian rural and urban landscape, the Australian artist moves on the border between fantasy and reality. She searches for a natural place for her objects within these environments. The ‘Volcano Cup’ is reminiscent to a picture in a geography book, in which all the layers of a rock are shown through a cross-section . Here are the different layers of felt and fabric seems to form protective layers over the core. In her work she explores her experiences with the construction of physical and intangible habitats – how these regions are defined and how we integrate ourselves into our environment or separate ourselves.

All images © Brenton McGeachie

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