Flickr Friday


You puke hand grenades, I fold butterflies – Sometimes you want to puke hand grenades, you say, the envious squint hears children’s laughter, mine remains in your green, sees soap-bubbles burst, gleaming-grey like pine tree ornaments in small spaces waiting for the next winter, fondly, the parka pulled tight, summer has long passed.

Sometimes you‘d want to, yes, what would you want to, I ask to flash, in the dark of wafting thoughts like small stereoscope images rainbow colored, what would you like other than sucking raspberry drops and folding lemon scented paper butterflies ornamented with refracted light, what would you want, if you dared.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Hilda Randulv

Image © exxoskeleton

Image © Lena Kholkina

Image © she’z from mmm

Image © Tihana Bertek

Image © William James Vincent Broadhurst

Image © Aaron Gutsche

Image © Giulia Muraglia

Image © Ted Craig

Hilda Randulvexxoskeletonnotmycatshe_z_from_mmmtih anaRagtimeWillie1blaueturnschuheMuraGlia g.ted craig
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