Tommy Støckel


Danish artist Tommy Støckel creates contemporary art, where autonomy and illusionism are rendered in paper, cardboard and polystyrene. For Støckel true sculptural autonomy is sculpture coming into existence seemingly of its own volition.

For his works ‘Proportional Material Arrangement for Two Rooms’ and ‘Structured Studio Situation’ he created sculptural arrangements of ordinary objects placed on the floor, according to a carefully planned composition. ‘Structured Studio Situation’ is based on the repetition of randomly placed elements and thus creating a tight structure and pattern with objects that reflect his studio practice. The sculpture has the exact dimensions of the floor of his rather small studio in New York.

All images © Tommy Støckel

T. Stockel02T. Stockel01T. Stockel03T. Stockel04T. Stockel05T. Stockel06T. Stockel07T. Stockel08T. Stockel09
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