Jennifer Abessira


Jennifer Abessira is one of our favorite photographer from a new generation of young artsits from Tel Aviv, who is documenting her own life frankly and intimately. Originally from Paris Jennifer had an early longing for art. We love her beautifully fresh visual diaries. She shoots either with a mobile or a simple digital camera, both for a spontaneous use.

Abessira’s work is unpretentious; in her own words, she endeavors to make ‘universal peace between images’.

In her ongoing project Elastique, Abessira creates combinations of images and mixes her own photographs with found ones, just in order to reduce them to their core. ‘Elastique’ is like a living archive of images that are everlasting, space less and speak for themselves. Another project of her was ‘Foam of the Days’, a cross-border collaboration with Nico Krijno, which took place on facebook. On a daily basis for a couple of days one of them was posting a picture and the other responded – like a constant artistic dialogue. In the course of this project, one can estimate the true relationship between the social media and art in Israel. Abessira usually explores these social media platforms like another artistic medium.

All images © Jennifer Abessira

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