Archive Series


The Archive Series by David Garcia are investigations on space and books, aiming to blur the borders between art and design. Clearly non functional, they aim to appeal to the senses, creating a narrative which more often than not, reaches the absurd.

Departing from ideas of density and micro spaces, they aim to explore the traditional relationships that humans have to books.
Private collections have existed for centuries, but when this is added to nomadic behaviour, curious contradictions arise; this is the area studied by Archive II. How can an individual travel with it’s own library, given that books are so heavy? Is this an absurdity? Archive II is a nomadic library, an impossible transport system and an intimate space. Inspired by ancient travelling libraries from the Far East, which visited courts and cities, Archive II transforms this into a ‘micro room’, where walking and reading coexist as refuge and transport in the imagination.

All images © David Garcia

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