Alex Selkowitz Paints The Beauty In Suburban Shadows


Emerging American painter Alex Selkowitz creates contemporary oil on canvas paintings of suburban scenes from his hometown of Los Angeles, in the sun-filled state of California.

Selkowitz’s work is informed by the contrast between the urban sprawl and green spaces of Los Angeles. His paintings include vacant front and backyard landscapes, home interiors, beaches, and empty staircases and chairs, each capturing light and shadows at play. Selkowitz’s works share distinct commonalities—set in a familiar suburban setting of quiet stillness, that evokes a subtle mystery or loneliness in the viewer. The paintings are further characterized by linear elements and rich colors. His process consists of taking snapshots of his surroundings, which he first sketches on paper. Selkowitz will then study the sketches as drafts for his paintings, fragmenting the scenes where necessary to create the perfect composition. “The result is a striking image”, he explains, “negotiating the balance between physical encounter and a faded memory.” Selkowitz cites famous painter Edward Hopper as his inspiration, who is widely acknowledged as one of the most important realist painters of twentieth-century America. Similarly to Hopper, Selkowitz paints his own interpretation of the empty landscapes, choosing to imbue his canvases with a quiet disposition.


All images © Alex Selkowitz