Grands Cépages · Sorgues, France

A series of wooden buildings extend over the waters of Lac de la Lionne in the south of France. Designed by Atelier LavitGrands Cépages is an eco-hotel situated just beyond Avignon in a part of countryside renowned for its idyllic nature.

Comprised of ten timber suites—some of which float on water—this eco-hotel offers a different holiday experience. The fishing reserve Lac de la Lionne sits surrounded by vineyards, the architects from Atelier Lavit describe it as “a magical and untouched place, much like the Mediterranean maquis, [where] nature is the only protagonist of the scene.” In searching for symbiosis with this enchanting landscape, the structures could almost be composed of a sophisticated arrangement of lake reeds. “The architecture of the lodges converses perfectly with the reeds,” the architects explain, “taking up the vertical and elegant momentum and then rationalizing their arrangement, making much more geometric, regular and repetitive.” This repetitive patterning of wood around the exterior of the buildings offers protection from the wind and privacy from passers-by. The balconies open up to a calm and bucolic water view.

“A magical and untouched place, much like the Mediterranean maquis, [where] nature is the only protagonist of the scene.”

Grands Cépages
Lac de la Lionne

2061 Chemin des Pompes
84700 Sorgues France

All images © Marco Lavit Nicora