Enigmatic Illustrations By Pia-Mélissa Laroche

Once a blank piece of paper – a symbol of endless possibilities, now an absurd world of abstraction, finished with fictitious artifacts and characterized by confusing clues. Surreal worlds erupt from the page on which Paris-based Pia-Mélissa Laroche illustrates, as she questions the power of suggestion that her ‘Hyper-Demeures’ hold.

Through a distinctive lack of narrative, Pia-Mélissa’s axonometric illustrations beg the question of what lies through the seemingly infinite tunnels and beneath the lurking stairways. She explains; “Like the crypts of Christian Churches or Nabatean’s tombs, those architectural structures are directly carved in the ground. They impose themselves by subtraction to become indestructible and more than ever-steady. With an extreme durability, the ‘Hyper Demeures’ (Hyper-Residences) defies time and space. In an open-pit, arranged with furniture that is eternally anchored on the ground, they lend the viewers bizarre clues to the function of those enigmatic spaces.”


All images © Pia-Mélissa Laroche