Through The Nostalgic Lens Of Kasey Medlin

A preoccupation with nostalgia drives the work of Atlanta photographer, Kasey Medlin. Through her latest series ‘Blush,’ Medlin sets about reconciling romanticised versions of her past with her present.

Medlin’s photographs present a softened imagining of a recent past; the warmth of the sun across a field of grass feels tangible, as does the smell of the steaming bowl of spaghetti atop a wooden table. For Medlin, the photographs represent “a familiar memory rooted in the dreamlike imagery of nostalgia.” The series, she explains is “a cathartic attempt to repurpose the meaning of memories through their inevitably distorted recreations.” The title of the series — ‘Blush’ — is a nod to the rose coloured glasses through which we all view moments of our own history.


All images © Kasey Medlin