Jade Doskow Presents ‘Lost Utopias’

Over the last decade, photographer Jade Doskow has been documenting the remains of global World’s Fair sites.

The project ‘Lost Utopias’ is Doskow’s attempt to preserve the sites from an artistic, architectural and anthropological perspective. After the first event in London in 1851, the World’s Fair continued for over a century to present itself as a global phenomenon hosting international exhibitions. Many of the sites now appear as dystopian scenes of decay and isolation, but Doskow contemplates their significance by capturing their buildings, monuments and landscapes. The photographer presents 70 images from 25 World’s Fair sites in her ‘Lost Utopias’ book. In the opening essay, Professor in City & Regional Planning Jennifer Minner captures the tone of Doskow’s project: “Do the ghosts of fairs past haunt us or does their spirit inspire us? Are there lost utopias we might wish to reclaim?” ‘Lost Utopias’, published by Black Dog, is available to purchase here.


All images © Jade Doskow