Cocoon Tree Tent


When I think about camping, uncomfortable mattresses, dirt and mosquito bites come into my mind, but I’ve always been dreaming of a tree house since I was a little kid. The Cocoon Tree Tent takes care of that problem and designed this spherical mobile tree tent for camping, which can travel with you and be hung up into the trees.

It’s a 120 kg aluminium sphere structure covered with a tarpaulin. It’s intended to be hung in the trees by ropes and is accessed by nets that also provide security. The interior features a 2.4 m circular bed with a custom sheet for 2 people or more. Imagine yourself on a dreamy little bay, the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves in your ear and the Cocoon Tree Tent gently rocking you to sleep.

All images © Cocoon Tree | Via: enpundit

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