Flickr Friday


I am thinking about the hangdog look. ‘The hangdog look can get you really far sometimes’ someone just recently told me on the subway. Aha! was all I was thinking not able to state a proper answer. Where should the hangdog look get me where I can´t go with my regular face? Really far, is what the lady said. Far? How far is far?

Do I even want to go far? I think I am far enough already. No need for the hangdog look, but thanks anyway.

Image © Nina Zivkovic

Image © Claire Grenade

Image © Carlos Pereira

Image © Matilde Viegas

Image © Grace Denton

Image © Melanie Bertelson

Image © Carl Heindl

Image © Zara Pfeifer

o supermanclairegrenadecarlospereira.Matilde Viegasgrace dentonBild 1 12-21-50Carl W. Heindlzara pfeifer
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