A Trip To The Faroe Islands

Russian photographers Alex Mazurov and Anastasia Glebova capture landscape photographs with a romantic touch for their travel blog ‘Near the lighthouse‘. One of their latest trips took them to the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean where the photographers created a silent and peaceful atmosphere within their images of the rugged landscape. The duo says about the trip:

“At first glance, the Faroes are very unfriendly. A traveler is greeted by the fog and rain with a piercing wind that creeps through the warmest clothes. Local nature matches the weather: open spaces, green hills without a single tree, endless and restless ocean all around. Huge waves crash on the jagged rocks that hide their tops high in the mist. But behind this sternness lurks an incredible beauty – silent northern beauty that creates stunning pictures with cold tones and smooth lines.”

All images © Alex Mazurov and Anastasia Glebova