The Minimalist ‘ION’ Bed By Mazanli


Mazanli’s ION bed was born from founder Süleyman Mazanli’s passion for simplicity. ION abandons all unnecessary components usually found in bed design, presenting instead a refined metal model that combines minimalist design with uncompromised quality. Established as a Berlin startup in 2016, Mazanli reflects the spirit of the city and recognises that moving on a regular basis is not uncommon in urban life. Mazanli understands the requirements that come as a result of this, creating the ION bed frame with sparse use of crude steel, welding together 26 rectangular tube parts at 150 joints. The bed weighs only 19.7kg and can be carried in a single hand, combining a delicate appearance with highly robust construction. ION also reflects the ever-changing nature of city living through the appearance of oxidation patina, which develops on the frame’s untreated steel surface over time. This makes each handmade product completely unique and adds individual character to the bed’s minimal, symmetrical lines and right angles. The frame stands at 30cm high, meaning that a comfortable sleep height is set regardless of mattress height. With ION, Mazanli has created an innovative product that attends to necessities of functionality and the beauty in simplicity. To describe their mission in simple words, Mazanli wanted to create “One design piece for a fair price.” We believe they’ve accomplished it.

All images © Tatkraft

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