Villa MQ: Flowing Lines


Villa MQ, designed by Office O Architects, is located in Tremelo, Belgium. The design has been drawn up on behalf of a family of four who wanted an extraordinary place to live in. By putting traditional methods aside, OOA allowed creativity to flow. As a result, the architects used curved walls, different ceiling heights and lighting concepts in order to create a unique space for their adventuresome clients.

Flowing lines connect the five split-levels of the house that can all be reached through a connecting staircase. “Although the programs blend into each other, natural light provides a unique atmosphere at every level: the continuous dispersion of light on the curved walls emphasizes the impalpable framework“, explain the architects.

Looking from the street, you only see an arched concrete wall that stands on a sloped terrain. On the lowest ground, half a level under street level, is the entrance. Going upstairs, the kitchen extends, linked to the garden and a slope down to the living room. On the highest level you will find the children’s room along with the bathroom. Window facades provide a view of the lawn and the pool area enclosed by pines. In this way the artificial space inside corresponds with the surrounding landscape.  

All images © Tim Van De Velde

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