‘Volcano Of Our Childhood’ #inspiredby Heimweh

It’s often the journeys that are as emotionally complex as they are geographic that are both the most challenging and rewarding to take. From Lufthansa comes a new type of short travel film series on this theme: One that goes beyond picture-perfect vistas to explore the importance of the journeys taken in search of a sense of belonging and a place to call home.

Centred around the German term ‘Heimweh’ – meaning the longing for a place to call home – the first film follows the Inoue brothers, Kiyoshi and Satoru, who grew up in Denmark but always maintained a deep connection to their parents’ homeland of Japan. Setting out on a journey to reconnect with their heritage, the film follows the brothers as they head towards of Sakurijama, the mystical volcano that appeared in their father’s bedtime stories.

Settling in Yakushima and Kagoshima, Kiyoshi and Satoru establish an artisan ceramics line which sees them incorporating volcanic ash into their creations, which they produce in collaboration with the French artist Julien Colombier. In allowing themselves to be guided by their ‘Heimweh’, and drawing upon their heritage to apply their creativity anew, the brothers create for themselves a sense of purpose and belonging in the land where their roots run deep.

By sharing the story of a voyage that is as internally enriching as the external experiences if provides, Lufthansa reminds us that it’s the personal reasons behind our journeys that ultimately make them worth going on. Watch the video here and take a moment to linger on the film stills below. And for more behind-the-scenes content including GIFs and photos, take a look at the dedicated Tumblr microsite.

Lufthansa Presents #inspiredby Heimweh Japan: Volcano of Our Childhood

All images © Gabriel Flores

– In collaboration with Lufthansa