How To Survive In A Waiting Room?

We all know the feeling of spending the long hours in the waiting room, sitting among the strangers and wondering how to efficiently kill time. Amsterdam-based artist Philip Lüschen approached this common scene with a dose of humour, creating his ‘Waiting Room Survival’.

‘Waiting Room Survival’ is a playful take on one of the most average everyday situations. ‘Waiting Room Spy Book’ comprises of tiny illustrations of secretive strategies to shorten the waiting time, become incognito or to increase one’s privacy. It also serves as a tool to spy on others. The ‘Sneak in Front Tool’ makes others disappear behind it. And the ‘Incognito Nose Stand’ might be helpful for those who feel like they don’t want to be recognized. No matter if it really helps to kill time, it surely makes the time in a waiting room much funnier than usually.

006 spy_book1
005 incognito_nose_stand_top
004 incognito_nosestand2
001 waiting_room_survival

All images © Philip Lüschen