Nudity Interpreted Through The Lens Of Bennie Julian Gay

With the project ‘Nude Studies’, German photographer Bennie Julian Gay makes his foray into nude photography. Though he started out simply wanting to capture the shapes of the female body, the venture evolved into something more complex throughout the photographic process.

“I wanted to show the difference between being nude and being naked.”„As Gay spent time photographing his subjects, he wanted to not only comprehend how to depict the female body, but also other subjects that surface while taking the image of a nude female. How can you express the feeling of being looked at and photographed without clothing, and how does it feel to be the observer? During the shooting and editing process, Gay fully felt the responsibility a photographer of nudes carries. Ultimately he aimed to convey to the viewer what is normally only visible directly through the lens of a camera.


All images © Bennie Julian Gay