Joanna Pallaris


Photographer Joanna Pallaris describes lyrical contradictions in her pictures. She uncovers hidden places where vulnerable ruins succumb to nature’s embrace. The human figure all the more fragile against backgrounds of decay, hint at underlying narratives. Her practice is strictly analogue. The inherent depth and delicacy of the photographic medium compliments her endeavour to make images that venture to otherworldly domains, that ask more questions than they answer and can somehow transcend the surface; these paper ghosts, making realities unreal.

All images © Joanna Pallaris | Via: Art Sponge

Joanna Pallaris1Joanna Pallaris2Joanna Pallaris3Joanna Pallaris4Joanna Pallaris5Joanna Pallaris6Joanna Pallaris7Joanna Pallaris8Joanna Pallaris9
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