Vassilis Pantelidis / Beginners

The project entitled “Beginners” by Vassilis Pantelidis consists of a series of staged portraits where the narrative is built in terms of iconographic composition and the involvement of the viewer himself leads to decryption of the meaning to its maximum. Portraits depicting the human condition detecting “what it means to be human”. The characters represent the multifaceted reality of human existence, facing large or small problems ranging from daily survival issues to philosophical questions. People often trapped in a system that makes them self-destructive with their little tragedies hiding beneath the normality of everyday life. Confusing stories that balance between pessimism and a glimmer of hope. Surrealism meets indicating absurd paradoxes of human behavior. The tragedy and comic absurdity alternate demonstrating the difficulty of being a human and the certainty that in terms of life we are all beginners.

2016-06-14_5760339fe63a0_VassiisPantelidis_01.jpg 2016-06-14_5760339fe64df_VassiisPantelidis_04.jpg 2016-06-14_5760339fe6479_VassiisPantelidis_03.jpg 2016-06-14_5760339fe6413_VassiisPantelidis_02.jpg 2016-06-14_5760339fe65a4_VassilisPantelidis_06.jpg 2016-06-14_5760339fe6541_VassiisPantelidis_05.jpg