The Language Of Flowers

The work ‘The Language Of Flowers’ by Amira El Badry is inspired by how the flowers had their own language in the Victorian era. It used to be known in society as a means of silent communication. To send a coded message to someone, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society. They used to carry dictionaries that contained meanings for every individual flower.

2017-06-16_5943d93ddbbe0_teeth.jpg 2017-06-16_5943d93ddbb7e_sd.jpg 2017-06-16_5943d93ddbb1a_hand.jpg 2017-06-16_5943d93ddbab5_feet.jpg 2017-06-16_5943d93ddba4c_faces.jpg 2017-06-16_5943d93ddb9da_braid.jpg