Old Lady’s Roars

Term “Babine huke” (eng. Old Lady’s Roars) can be found in almost every Slavic nation vocabulary and it refers to a very unstable weather; when spring fights with winter. During this period weather is very unstable and changes are very frequent, with a lot of strong wind, rain, sunny weather and sometimes even snow, can change in a day. As the personification of the month March, the term “old lady Marta” was made due to it’s deceptive nature and unpredictable weather. According to a Balkan legend; with a first sunshine, old lady Marta went to a mountain with a goat and it’s seven kids saying: “so far it’s been with God’s help, from now on we can go on without it”. This angered the supreme one, so by the time old lady have climbed the mountain a strong wind blew causing a harsh and cold blizzard so old lady Marta and her innocent flock froze to death. Since March has done this it’s has been quoted saying: “If I had one more day, I’d froze a calf in a cow and a child in woman”.

Old Lady’s Roars Old Lady’s Roars Old Lady’s Roars Old Lady’s Roars Old Lady’s Roars Old Lady’s Roars