Compositions Of An Artist (in Red)

This self-portrait series titled ‘Compositions Of An Artist (in Red)’ by Jesuuna witnesses the moment when the painter becomes the subject—when the artist becomes the work of art. It is one’s homecoming back to nature, the ongoing quest for what home means for an artist, whether it be a canvas or Mother Earth.

2017-09-02_59aad10f05a21_Ignant_Jesuuna_4 2017-09-02_59aad10f059bf_Ignant_Jesuuna_3 2017-09-02_59aad10f05959_Ignant_Jesuuna_2 2017-09-02_59aad10f058e7_Ignant_Jesuuna_1 2017-09-02_59aad10f05a81_Ignant_Jesuuna_5