Playster Headquarters Designed By ACDF

Entertainment service Playster called on the help of ACDF Architecture to design the interior of the company’s downtown Montreal headquarters.

In reference to the Playster’s colourful logo, ACDF created a contemporary office space of vibrant colour-block feature walls and flooring. The use of colour in the open plan interior defines particular work zones whilst maintaining a collaborative atmosphere. Private spaces implemented in the renovation make use of the original site’s walls–constructed with the office tower’s construction in the 1980s–and continue to provide designated areas for small group meetings. Effective use of white is presented for work surfaces, vinyl panels in the hallway (areas used for rest) and a runner that acts as the office’s backbone, breaking up and connecting colourful spaces. By creating innovative ways of defining space and bold use of consistent colour palettes, ACDF have reinvented Playster’s space as one that inspires, unites and celebrates the employees and their work.


All images © Adrien Williams