The Seeker – A New Digital Compass By Infiniti

AdvertisementTo support the launch of the all-new Q30, Infiniti created the Seeker — a modern day version of the traditional compass inspired by the all-new Q30.

The Seeker’s sculptural shape is designed with functionality in mind: the dial is connected to a small engine and shows you the way, while the LED lights show you how close you are to your destination, all while being connected to GPS. At the same time, it’s a storytelling device that lets you enjoy the journey as much as the final destination.

GPS enabled and able to point you to any destination on Earth, the Seeker was put in the hands of a select number of influencers, including Instagrammer Michael Schulz, aka @berlinstagram. Seeker led the way to the car, which was hidden in a secret Berlin location.

Stay tuned for the upcoming exclusive video and follow along on social media via #BornToChallenge.

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– In collaboration with Infiniti –