A Visit To MoMA PS1 In New York City

We were invited to New York City by MoMA and Volkswagen where we could have a look at some recent developments within the city’s art scene.

“The entrance is over at Jackson Avenue”, our guide said when she showed us around at MoMA PS1 – the contemporary satellite museum of MoMA. What she wanted to show us and what she seemed to be quite proud of was the museum’s latest artist residency which is located in PS1’s Print Shop on the side entrance. The residency hosts young artists who get the opportunity to use the space for many different projects, from exhibitions to workshops and parties. The idea is to open up the museum and bring the energy of emerging artists and their community back like when PS1 was squatted by young artists in the 70’s.

Why is this important? The more you speak to young creative people in New York City, the more you recognize a frustration about being an artist in the city. The big money and the ever-rising living costs make it harder and harder to find work spaces as well as the time to realize new projects and forward-thinking ideas. It was Klaus Biesenbach, the director of MoMA PS1, who pointed out the importance of these kind of locations for the creative present and the cultural future of the city. So he was more than thankful to announce the extension of the partnership that MoMA has with VW.

At this moment it became clear that the partnership with the German automobile company is more than just a simple sponsoring. It really has an ongoing impact on the New York City artist scene and enables MoMA and MoMA PS1 to work on progressive projects with fresh talents. And you can feel it at the museum’s annual block party where more than 6000 New Yorkers come along to celebrate in the backyard every year. It’s amazing to see how the people at MoMA with support of companies like Volkswagen build a bridge between the art classics you can find at MoMA and the wild young ones at PS1. More than ever it’s important to keep the art scene of New York City alive.

marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-2 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-4 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-5 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-6

Our favorite work at MoMA’s Sculpture Garden by Pierre Huyghe

marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-7 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-9 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-10

We met writer Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts up in Harlem where she told us about history the ongoing change of her neighborhood.

marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-12 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-13

Entrance Exhibition at PS1


Director Klaus Biesenbach and his assistant at PS1 Rooftop


NTS radio takeover at PS1

An installation by architect Andrés Jaque in the backyard of PS1.

marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-19 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-20 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-21 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-22 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-23 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-24 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-25

PS1 backyard party

marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-27 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-28 marcuswerner_newyorkcity_moma-29

All images & text by Marcus Werner