Sunday Pleasure – Movie Marathon

These days it’s not quite compelling to leave the house to spend time outside. Christmas, New Years and starting work again was exhausting enough so forget about any well-meant new years resolutions and just allow you to BE LAZY. You’ll never get to spend so much time on your couch at home without feeling guilty as around this time of the year.

For us one of the best ways to enjoy a Sunday afternoon is to gather our loved ones around and catch up on some of the latest movies. So here comes our little guide to chill out and have a movie marathon at home. Enjoy.


As always good preparation is everything. Do some research on the latest blogbusters, choose a theme for your marathon such as French movies, Independent film, anything that stares Leonardo Di Caprio or winter themed movies. If you’re having friends or family over, ask them for their favourite movies and let the majority rule.


When you’ve found your theme, think about who’d enjoy your selection and invite some friends or family members over. Create a cozy atmosphere to welcome them at your little home theater.


Great snacks are almost as important as the movie itself. It can be fun to offer similar choices as you would get at the movie theater, like popcorn, packets of candy or chips. Cut up fruits or nuts are also a perfect fit. Don’t forget to also have some water, tea or sodas in reach.


Probably the easiest way is to rent movies at a video store or via iTunes and watch them on your TV or preferably with a projector to create even more of a cinema atmosphere at home.


When your guests have arrived, the movies are ready, the snacks are prepared and the atmosphere is set, you’re good to go and can start your Sunday movie marathon.


Try to make the experience as immersive as possible by preventing distractions like phone calls or loud chit chats from intruding. Don’t forget to have some breaks in between the films for those kinds of social interactions.


Being great movie lovers ourselves, we prepared a little list of favourite movies we’ve seen in the last couple of months for your inspiration. Please feel invited to add more favourites to the list via comments below. Here you go: Dallas Buyers Club, Her, Blue Jasmine, Moon, Paris, Texas, Broken Flowers, Garden State, Lolita, Night On Earth, Norwegian Wood, La Grande Belezza, A Single Man, I Heart Huckabees, Coffee and Cigarettes, Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson movies in general), Adams Apples, Finding Vivian Maier

Photography by Ana Santl, Text by Caroline Kurze